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Safaga, Egypt

Safaga, or Port Safaga which is formally correct, is one of the new resorts along Egypt's Red Sea coast. It benefits from its proximity to the airport of Hurghada, but just like Hurghada poor planning and lax authorities are about to kill its attractions before the tourist fairytale really starts. And contrary to Hurghada, there are no parts of town that appeal to travellers' interests.
North of the town, there are reefs. A few kilometres offshore lie the best diving grounds, the main attraction here are the coral pillars. Diving around Safaga involves a few hazards, with the strong currents and aggressive hammerhead sharks.

Safaga, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
Few venture out here by their own, most tourists to Safaga come here as package tourists. In such cases, the price for hotels can be quite affordable. For independent travellers, good hotels are overpriced compared to other holiday resorts of Egypt. A few better options are located a few kilometres north of Safaga centre.
Out of the hotel complexes, Safaga offers precious little in terms of restaurants. There are a few cafes in town that serves simple food.

Main activities in Safaga are windsurfing and diving/snorkelling, usually in connection with boat trips.
Safaga has several diving centres, serving groups, but usually with openings for individual travellers.

Safaga is well connected to other destinations in Egypt. It is located next to the shortest route from the Red Sea to the Nile Valley.
Safaga has several buses a day for Hurghada; for Cairo; for Luxor; for Qena (Dendara). There are also a few daily departures for Quseir; for Marsa Alam; for Aswan; for Alexandria.
Shared taxis cover far less destinations, only Qena and Hurghada are practical options.
Safaga has a daily ferry to Duba i Saudi Arabia, but this is only an option for those with a pre-arranged permit to visit this country.

Going Next
60 km north: Hurghada
85 km southeast: Quseir
215 km southeast: Marsa Alam
365 km south: Berenice
160 km southwest: Dendera/ Qena
225 km southwest: Luxor

By Tore Kjeilen