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Ras Mohammed

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The greatest coral reefs

Ras Mohammed, Egypt

Ras Mohammed, Egypt

Ras Mohammed is a very important stop for any tourist coming to Sharm el-Sheikh. The national park since 1083 has two great attractions: The first are some of the most spectacular coral reef ecosystems, some have their age set to be 2 million years old. Practically all fish and coral species resident to the Red Sea are found here, 150 coral species and about 1000 fish species.
The other great attraction is Mongrove Channel, which often is said to be the world's most northern mangrove.
Only a small part of the park is open to the public, and there are regulations to how many boats are permitted into its waters.
Activities around Ras Mohammed are largely for divers, but snorkelers will also have plenty of options.

Ras Mohammed, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
Spending the night in the national park is usually not permitted. Most visitors return for the night to their hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh.

There is no form of public transport out here. Arrange for a taxi from Sharm el-Sheikh, but agree on specifics first. How long waiting time, price etc.

Admission into the natural reserve is only for those with a full visa for Egypt, a Sinai-only visa will not be enough. There was at least a few years back admission fees of US$5 per person and US$5 per vehicle.

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By Tore Kjeilen