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Ras al-Barr

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Resort on the ishtmus

Ras al-Barr is laid out to be the most attractive of the coastal Nile Delta resorts. It has been a popular escape since the middle of the 19th century, but recent investments intend to bring it back to the attention of more visitors.
The town has an endless stretch of beach to its west, while the lively fishing village of Ezbet el-Borg is right across the Damietta river branch. Here, too, there is a 19th century fortress for those getting bored by staying on the beach all day.

Ras al-Barr, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
Plenty of hotels and restaurants. Prices appear reasonable for the quality. As of yet, there are no luxury options, but this is being developed.

Good connections by buses or shared taxis from Cairo in summer. All year through, Damietta has good connections to the rest of Egypt, and from Damietta to Ras al-Barr there will always be at least a minibus.

Going Next
10 km south: Damietta
50 km west: Gamasa
220 km south: Cairo

By Tore Kjeilen