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1. Inside the churches

2. Old structures


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The Burnt Monastery

Qusiya, Egypt

Qusiya, Egypt

The Burnt Monastery stands on the edge of the desert, appearing as nothing less than a fortress. The complex is quite impressive, with two churches and a keep from the 4th century.
There are about 100 students at its Theological College, many of these will enter a monastery at the age of 25.
Coptic Christians believe that this was the place where the Holy Family, the family of Jesus, hid for a period of 6 months and 10 days and that here one of the first churches in the world were erected.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing in El-Qusiya, so expect to spend the night in Minya or Assyut. There is a guesthouse in the monastery, but it seems only inclined to accept tour groups.

You could take bus or train between Assyut and Minya, then fetch a taxi to the monastery. More comfortable is to arrange for the entire journey between the two cities, with agreed stops along the route.

Going Next
35 km north: Mallawi
40 km south: Assyut

By Tore Kjeilen