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Port Said/Port Fuad

Port Said
1. Port Said

2. Port Fuad

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Canal suburbs

Port Fuad, Egypt

Strangely, Port Fuad is not on most travellers itinerary visiting the Suez Canal. It lies across the canal from Port Said, and was laid out to be a suburb and still that is very much what it is.
But Port Fuad has the very best examples of canal architecture, especially since so much of Port Said's is in bad repair.
Founded in 1927, most of Port Fuad's buildings belong to the 1930's, built in Art Deco style.

Port Fuad, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
We have no information about hotels or restaurants in Port Fuad.

There is a free ferry across the canal between Port Said and Port Fuad. It leaves about every 10 minutes.
For connections further on, Port Said is the main hub for buses, shared taxis and trains.

Going Next
2 km west: Port Said

By Tore Kjeilen