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1. Into the most sacred

2. Colonnades

3. Nilometer

4. Kiosk of Trajan

5. The ferries

6. The original location


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The original location

Philae, Egypt

The temples at Philae were not rescued from the Aswan High Dam as is the case with all those temples along Lake Nasser. Philae was partly submerged already in the early 20th century, from the first Aswan Dam.
It was quite an attraction in that state too, being swamped half the year. Visitors could fly over the temple in their rowing boats, in between the highest columns.
The original location of the temple stood was only a few hundred metres away, and as little as 20 metres lower. A few pieces of the old Philae remains in place and can be seen by boats. Few boats venture out there, but you are almost certain to get as good a view as I had shooting the photo above.

By Tore Kjeilen