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Laid-back on the sea

Nuweiba, Egypt

Coming from Dahab, Nuweiba appears to most as nothing but an unsuccessful copy. The place aims at almost the same clients, but there is simple less of everything in Nuweiba.
The town seems almost to be Dahab, only much smaller and less friendly. But where the mix of cool, laidback youngsters and relaxed package tourists, tip to the advantage of the first group, Nuweiba is mostly for families and middle-aged tourists.
Much of what has struck Nuweiba is the decline in Israeli tourism in recent years. This has in particular affected the Bedouin camp of Tarabeen, which was the nicest part of Nuweiba, with its camping grounds and sandy beaches.

Nuweiba, Egypt

Eat and Sleep
Nuweiba is better than Dahab in terms of hotels, since there are options in the middle, between the very, very basic and the rather expensive.
As for food, Nuweiba is better than it first can appear. For a few days stay, you will have no trouble locating new restaurants, offering the same quality of food to the same prices as you expect from Dahab. As with Dahab, fish and sea food is the best option.

Nuweiba offers plenty of locations for snorkelling and diving, but anyone going for the best the Red Sea has to offer, travels south to meet the enthusiasts who venture north from Dahab.
Nuweiba also offers a nice selection of camel and jeep safaris into the Sinai, as well as up and down the coast. Options into the Sinai have since long included several destinations, like canyons, desert dunes and oases, as well as folklore.
There is some nightlife in Nuweiba, with a disco in Nuweiba city, which also serves alcohol.

Nuweiba has good connections to other resorts along the Gulf of Aqaba, as well as to the rest of Egypt. There two daily buses to and from Cairo, including Taba, Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh.
There is one daily ferry and one daily catamaran to Aqaba in Jordan. The ferry takes 3-5 hours, the catamaran 1 hour, and costs marginally more. It is easy to obtain visa to Jordan, it is actually issued on board the boat.

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By Tore Kjeilen