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1. City of the Dead

2. Aba Hur Church

2. Virgin Monastery

2. Nile scenes


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City of the Dead

City of the Dead, Minya, Egypt

City of the Dead, Minya, Egypt

City of the Dead, Minya, Egypt

The City of the Dead, or Zawiyet el-Mayyiteen, was for me one of the greatest sights of all of Egypt. Perhaps much because of the surprise — I didn't expect it to be so enormous, nor so visually attractive.
It is has been called the World's largest burial ground. I don't know whether that is true, but it must be the place with most domes. Every grave, or mausoleum, is topped by a one, all looking shaped the same way. Looking down at the burial ground in southern direction the domes seem to just go on and on, until they disappear in the haze.
The City of the Dead is a short taxi ride out of Minya centre, crossing the Nile.
City of the Dead, Minya, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen