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1. Luxor Temple +7

8. Karnak +20

28. Mut temples +5


33. Ramesseum +3

36. Colossi of Memnon

37. Valley of Kings +15

52. Medinet Habu +3

55. Hatshepsut +3

58. Mentuhotep 2 temple

59. Asasif Tombs

60. Merneptah +3

63. Amenophis 3 temple

64. Seti 1 temple

65. Valley of Queens

66. Tombs of Nobles +8

74. Workers' Village +5

79. Amon temple

80. Luxor Museum

81. Shopping; city life

82. Enjoying life


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Small temple of Amon

Small temple of Amon, Luxor, Egypt

Small temple of Amon, Luxor, Egypt

When the caretaker's son grows up to be a tall man, the remaining wall-decorations underneath the ceiling will be taken care of.

The Temple of Amon, a few hundred metres from Medinet Habu, is noted in the Rough Guide for its colourful reliefs on white backgrounds.
This is unfortunately outdated information. The remaining wall-decorations are since long destroyed by the "caretaker", perhaps even hatched out. He will ask for an entrance fee, usually EŁ5. For anything in the world, do not pay him for destroying ancient temples!!!

By Tore Kjeilen