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1. Luxor Temple +7

8. Karnak +20

28. Mut temples +5


33. Ramesseum +3

36. Colossi of Memnon

37. Valley of Kings +15

52. Medinet Habu +3

55. Hatshepsut +3

58. Mentuhotep 2 temple

59. Asasif Tombs

60. Merneptah +3

63. Amenophis 3 temple

64. Seti 1 temple

65. Valley of Queens

66. Tombs of Nobles +8

74. Workers' Village +5

79. Amon temple

80. Luxor Museum

81. Shopping; city life

82. Enjoying life


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Enjoying life

Nile cruisers, Luxor, Egypt

Nile cruisers waiting for its passengers. Many of these are complete with swimming pools, training grounds, several restaurants and bars.

Felucca boats, Luxor, Egypt

A more basic but perhaps more charming way of travelling the Nile is by felucca.

Being the host of so many tourists, Luxor has plenty of activities for its visitors that have nothing to do with tombs, temples or dead kings. A journey on the Nile is cheap, and is cheapest with the ferry crossing to the other side. Felucca rides last longer, are quiter and still affordable. The main destination is Banana Island, which actually is a peninsula.
If you are able to get up early in the morning (I am not, so no photos!) and have about US$150, you can enjoy Luxor from a hot-air balloon 300 metres up. Other activities include horse-back riding, and some nightlife. In the high season, discos are fun places, some with belly dancers.
Luxor has plenty of swimming pools, important because of the midday heat and many are reluctant to jumping into the Nile, here close to a major town: Where does the sewer go? One problem is that many of them close early in the afternoon, so ask ahead.

Roof top swimming pool, Luxor, Egypt

Some Luxor hotels have rooftop swimming pools with superb views. And the price for staying here can be quite affordable.

By Tore Kjeilen