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1. Luxor Temple +7

8. Karnak +20

28. Mut temples +5


33. Ramesseum +3

36. Colossi of Memnon

37. Valley of Kings +15

52. Medinet Habu +3

55. Hatshepsut +3

58. Mentuhotep 2 temple

59. Asasif Tombs

60. Merneptah +3

63. Amenophis 3 temple

64. Seti 1 temple

65. Valley of Queens

66. Tombs of Nobles +8

74. Workers' Village +5

79. Amon temple

80. Luxor Museum

81. Shopping; city life

82. Enjoying life


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Shopping and city life

Shop in Luxor, Egypt

Actually a better sales argument than it might seem. When Luxor gets hot, which is often the case, shops are among the most pleasant escapes available.

Shop in Luxor, Egypt

Luxor has plenty of shopping opportunities, but beware. No place in Egypt relies more on off-the-plane-tourists than Luxor. Asking price can be quite ridiculous, and the will to indulge in haggling depends on the time of the year and your charm.
The good thing is that Luxor has it all, only challenged by the tourist quarters of Cairo (it might even be better). Be careful with some of the shops selling antique items, buy only if you feel that you can evaluate the real value. What is recommended for any visitor to Luxor are the book shops on the Corniche. They have great selections of books on Egypt and prices are fair.
Luxor is not a beautiful city, it is really more of a large village. The city streets south of the Luxor Temple are the most active, with normal shops, some cafes, some cheap (but good) restaurants and crowds of locals in the evenings.
Downtown Luxor, Egypt

Early in the evening, before the crowds fill the streets.

Shop in Luxor, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen