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Luxor temple

2. The halls

3. Grand statues

4. The holiest

5. Walls paintings

6. Roman altar

7. The strange mosque

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The holiest of Luxor Temple

Luxor, Egypt

Shrine of the Sacred Barque.

The holiest parts of the Luxor Temple is divided into several parts, serving different functions for the offerings.
The core parts were the Sanctuary of Amon-Re, which now is indecently disclosed compared to its original state when it was concealed behind thick walls and a massive ceiling to the point where no natural light was let in. As a matter of fact, today it is best seen from the outside (look into it from the road next to the armed guard stationed here).
Another central part was the Shrine of the Sacred Barque, which had doors made from acacia wood and inlaid with gold. Its present shape was actually given by Alexander the Great, but he used the original plans of Amenophis 3. His alterations were to remove 4 columns and add a granite shrine.
In front of this was the offering room, which had great sacred value during rituals but less when doors were closed to the sacred rooms.
Luxor, Egypt

One of the side chapels next to the Sanctuary of Amon-Re.

By Tore Kjeilen