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1. Temple of Mandulis

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Temples of Nubia

Kalabsha, Egypt

The temples at Kalabsha were, just like those on Philae, moved with the completion of the Aswan High Dam. The original location was 50 km south of Aswan, whereas its presently located conveniently from the centre of Aswan.
The move was done from 1962 until 1970, involving 13,000 blocks of stone.

Kalabsha is like a poor man's Philae. Just like at Philae, you have to take a boat to get out here, both locations being with reconstructed temples. But the temple of Kalabsha are cruder and simpler, therefore less attractive to visit for most travellers. But simply in its crudeness, I found the temples of Kalabsha to be of interest. Philae resembles many other temples around Egypt, but at Kalabsha another aspect of Egyptian religion is illustrated: What happens when a culture and religion is exported into regions where the technological development has come shorter.
Another quality coming out here, is the setting. I visited late in the day, and with the shadows falling long over the mountains and the lake, it was a great experience.

Kalabsha, Egypt

Getting out to Kalabsha is easy. If you don't join an organized trip (no reason to here) you just get a taxi from downtown Aswan. It will let you off at a tiny port wgere a boat is hired to back and forth. Prices are for the boat, so it cheaper the more people in the group. It costs something like EŁ30-40.

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By Tore Kjeilen