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1. Pyramids of Giza

2. Khufu (Cheops)

3. Inside

4. Solar boat and pits

5. Queen's pyramids

6. Khafre (Chephren)

7. Inside

8. Mortuary Complex

9. Menkaure (Mycerinus)

10. Inside

11. Views from the top

12. The Sphinx

13. Sphinx Temple

14. Mastabas

15. Seshemnufer 4

16. Neferbauptah

17. Iymery

18. Tomb of Khentkawes

19. The modern city

20. House boats

21. Roberts' Giza



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The modern city

Modern streets of Giza, Egypt

Less modern streets of Giza, Egypt

Modern cities can be beautiful, but Giza is neither beautiful or ugly. The high rising houses are all different, creating variation and different shapes. But compromises had to be made, involving families squeezed out to the last centimeter of the balcony and the houses largely in the colour of exhaust.
If you look around, great exceptions are found. Houses in superb eclectic style and posh quarters cater for the rich. There are also remains of the good old times, when houses were more than containers for people and functions, shown on the second photo. The third and last photo shows Giza's green side, a side found largely in the regions to the south, where the city gradually meets the countryside and farms of the Nile.
Giza, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen