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1. Pyramids of Giza

2. Khufu (Cheops)

3. Inside

4. Solar boat and pits

5. Queen's pyramids

6. Khafre (Chephren)

7. Inside

8. Mortuary Complex

9. Menkaure (Mycerinus)

10. Inside

11. Views from the top

12. The Sphinx

13. Sphinx Temple

14. Mastabas

15. Seshemnufer 4

16. Neferbauptah

17. Iymery

18. Tomb of Khentkawes

19. The modern city

20. House boats

21. Roberts' Giza



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Tomb of Khentkawes

Tomb of Khentkawes, Giza, Egypt

Tomb of Khentkawes, Giza, Egypt

Khentkawes was the daughter of Menkaure, and a very influential princess of her time. There are several theories to whom she was married to. One makes her the queen of Shepseskaf, who also had Menkaure as his father. Another theory makes her the wife of Neferirkare. She may well have been the mother of several of the early kings of the 5th Dynasty; she had a pyramid built at Abu Sir.
Hrt Gizan tomb is something between a mastaba and a step pyramid, using a small hill which was clad by Turah limestone. This is a very uncommon method in Egyptian tomb architecture, actually.
Upon my visit in 2005, the area of Khentkawes' tomb was marked out of bounds, but nobody saw me enter the area. The descent into the tomb was closed by a metal door.

By Tore Kjeilen