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1. Pyramids of Giza

2. Khufu (Cheops)

3. Inside

4. Solar boat and pits

5. Queen's pyramids

6. Khafre (Chephren)

7. Inside

8. Mortuary Complex

9. Menkaure (Mycerinus)

10. Inside

11. Views from the top

12. The Sphinx

13. Sphinx Temple

14. Mastabas

15. Seshemnufer 4

16. Neferbauptah

17. Iymery

18. Tomb of Khentkawes

19. The modern city

20. House boats

21. Roberts' Giza



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Or is it still Cairo


It hasn't always been like that. The pyramids used to rest in peace and dignity far from the nearest town. But the growth of larger Cairo had to be done in southern direction, where there was room, and today a new suburb has grown up next to the pyramids.


Giza is very much part of Larger Cairo, and although it is statistically counted as the third largest city of Egypt, it has really very little identityexistence on its own. The architecture here is much of a continuation of what is found in Cairo centre, but sometimes the living conditions here are better.
Giza has really just one sight, but what a sight; the world's most famous one. The Pyramids of Giza lies a few kilometres just south of central Giza.

By Tore Kjeilen