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The long beach

Gamasa, Egypt

Gamasa is a more relaxed beach resort than Ras al-Barr and Baltim, the two other sea side resorts along the coast of the Nile Delta. The only attraction here is the beach, which is nice and not crowded. Apart from that, it is a dull place for anyone but self-contained families.

Eat and Sleep
Gamasa has three resonable priced hotels, all decent and friendly. Eating in Gamasa is done in simple restaurants.

The best route in and out of Gamasa appears to be by Ras al-Bahr. There are at least 8 buses each way, but note that they tend to stop running early in the afternoon. Judging from the map, there should be easier and faster ways of getting f.x. between Gamasa and Cairo, like by catching a connection in the large city of Mansurah, 50 km south, but we have no information about this.

Going Next
50 km east: Ras al-Barr
50 km south: Mansurah (possible connections)
175 km south: Cairo

By Tore Kjeilen