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Feiran Oasis

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Green valley of Sinai

Feiran Oasis, Egypt

Feiran comes out of nowhere almost. In a granite-walled valley, this 5 km long oasis emerges as the miracle oasis are.
Feiran is a mountain oasis, fed by streams from the mountains above. The typical oasis is otherwise fed by underground reservoirs. This makes Feiran different from oases in the Western Desert.
Feiran's history goes back deep in time. It is noted for having been the first Christian stronghold in Sinai, with its own bishop and a convent.
Tradition even has it to have been a place where Moses was denied water for the thirsty Israelites.
Feiran has a small settlement, but many of the houses belong to semi-nomads covering large parts of the mountains of Sinai through the year.

Feiran is usually part of an organized trip. There are no hotels or restaurants here. Independent travellers can go here too, but getting out can be a challenge if you leave the oasis at a time when busses passing by here are filled to the last seat.
From Feiran there are several hiking destinations into the mountains, leading to peeks as high as 2070 metres. Expect that such journeys take the most of a full day.

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By Tore Kjeilen