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1. Beautiful gardens

2. Keyhole-shaped wells

3. Traditional houses

4. Holy tomb


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The isolated oasis

Farafra, Egypt

Farafra, Egypt

With only 4,000 inhabitants and about 200 km to the first neighbour settlement, Farafra is among the most isolated places in Egypt. It is part of the Western Desert circuit, so it still gets many visitors. And the place has a number of attractions, of which the adjacent White Desert is one of Egypt's most famous nature sights.
The architecture of Farafra is the old and ingenious one, where mud brick houses stand close together, with narrow roads with roofs. Many of the houses have painted exteriors with murals.
Many traditions live on in Farafra — traditions that die when locals in towns like this move into nondescript "modern" box houses. Dresses and shirts have beautiful embroidery, but little is available for visitors with hard cash. Of products for sale, olives and olive oil are of high quality here. In addition, there is a rich output of vegetables and fruits, including bananas, mangos and guavas.
Most visitors to Farafra take at least one swim in the many hot springs in town. Female visitors should respect local traditions, and bathe only in the afternoons.

By Tore Kjeilen