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1. Falcons

2. Great Court

3. Forest of columns

4. Walls and decorations

5. Inner sanctuary

6. Wooden barque

7. Simple exteriors

8. Birth House


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Simple exteriors

Edfu, Egypt

Edfu, Egypt

Mainly from its good condition, the exterior of the temple at Edfu appears stringent, hard and even dull. It almost resembles a huge shoe box.
In this respect it fits the traditional pattern of the Egyptian temple, the inner sections were not supposed to be visible to anyone but the initiated. Walls functioned as just what they seem to be; as fortresses. A defence between the common world, and the sacred soil inside the temple.
Decorations of the temple are huge, and more sections than usual, are undecorated. Kings and gods appear in grand reliefs all along all sides of the exterior.

By Tore Kjeilen