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1. Falcons

2. Great Court

3. Forest of columns

4. Walls and decorations

5. Inner sanctuary

6. Wooden barque

7. Simple exteriors

8. Birth House


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Wooden barque

Edfu, Egypt

The barque in the deepest chambers of the temple is a replica in exact dimensions. The wooden barque was used to carry the central Horus statue during important festivals, like with the annual Coronation Festival which began in the Birth House, and ended with the statue taking place in its home position, in the naos.
The chamber containing the wooden barque and the chambers to its left and right were the most important cultic chambers. The 12 chambers, altogether, were either used as dwellings for other gods, or as storage chambers for objects used in the rituals. Twelve is a number repeated several times in the temple.

By Tore Kjeilen