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1. Falcons

2. Great Court

3. Forest of columns

4. Walls and decorations

5. Inner sanctuary

6. Wooden barque

7. Simple exteriors

8. Birth House


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Edfu, Egypt

Edfu, Egypt

Horus was the god associated with a falcon. His representations were either as a man with a falcon head, or fully as a falcon. At his temple at Edfu, three protective and decorative falcon birds still stand in their original positions. The fourth lies on the ground, legless. Two flank the pylon, leading into the open court, the other two protect the entrance to the roofed cultic sections of the temple.
Note the firm facial expression of the falcons. Look also out for the diminutive human figure at the feet of the falcon to the right of the main entrance to the temple. It is none but the king himself! You can just about make it out on the top photo.
Edfu, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen