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1. Court

2. Exterior of temple

3. Columns and ceiling

4. Dark interior

5. Roof with sanctuaries

6. A chubby Cleopatra

7. Sacred lake

8. Roman Birth House

9. Sanatorium

10. Iseum


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Roof with sanctuaries

Dendera, Egypt

There is one open passage to the roof, with a corridor of wall carvings in excellent quality. On the top of the roof, sanctuaries were used for very specific and generally daily services. Rooftop sanctuaries was a common feature with Egyptian temples, but at Dendera they have survived.
The sanctuary not on the picture below contains fine illustrations of Osiris' journey into the netherworld. If you want to see the decorations from the one on the picture, you will have to go to Louvre, Paris, EU, and search for the Dendera Zodiac ceiling.
Dendera, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen