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1. Court

2. Exterior of temple

3. Columns and ceiling

4. Dark interior

5. Roof with sanctuaries

6. A chubby Cleopatra

7. Sacred lake

8. Roman Birth House

9. Sanatorium

10. Iseum


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Columns and ceiling

Dendera, Egypt

Flying vultures and winged discs.

Dendera temple is quite unique in the respect that the roof is still intact, as a matter it is still in such a good condition that visitors can access it. Yet the best are the interior decorations, and the grand scale. The ceiling is full of astronomical imagery, most of it with full original colours.
The ceiling tells about the hours of the day and night, the realms of the sun and the moon and the heavenly bodies.
Dendera, Egypt

As with the facade, the columns have capitals made up of 4 faces of the human Hathor.

By Tore Kjeilen