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1. Court

2. Exterior of temple

3. Columns and ceiling

4. Dark interior

5. Roof with sanctuaries

6. A chubby Cleopatra

7. Sacred lake

8. Roman Birth House

9. Sanatorium

10. Iseum


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Exterior of temple

Dendera, Egypt

Dendera, Egypt

The facade of the temple has the appearance of a pylon. The 6 columns have capitals shaped like Hathor's human head. Hathor's other aspect, as a cow, is not commonly used here at Dendera. Most of the details of the faces have been destroyed by Coptic fanatics centuries ago.
Moreover, the walls between the columns contain images of Roman emperors making offerings to the triad of Horus, Hathor and their son Ihy. Notable is the image of Emperor Tiberius as a sphinx before Hathor and Horus.

By Tore Kjeilen