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1. Court

2. Exterior of temple

3. Columns and ceiling

4. Dark interior

5. Roof with sanctuaries

6. A chubby Cleopatra

7. Sacred lake

8. Roman Birth House

9. Sanatorium

10. Iseum


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Temple of Hathor

Roman Birth House The Sacred Lake Dendera, Egypt

Dendera, Egypt

One of two kiosks in front of the pro-pylon.

Dendera, Egypt


The temple at Dendera, dedicated to Hathor, belongs to the Ptolemaic era of Egypt. This was a time of foreign rulers, but who adopted Egyptian culture and religion. Yet, there were changes with this and contemporary temples, compared to temples built more than a 1000 years earlier (see Luxor and Abydos).
The temple of Hathor at Dendera was built between 125 BCE and 65 CE belonging to the Greaco-Roman period. It is therefore more a continuation of the original Egyptian culture, than a part of it. Dendera had since long been a cult centre, also then with the goddess of joy, Hathor, as the central deity. The Birth House of Nectanebo is 200 years older than the temple.

By Tore Kjeilen