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1. Slow days

2. Night coming

3. Slow eating

4. The Lagoon

5. Blue Hole

6. Ra's Abu Galum


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Slow eating

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt

One of the most attractive activities you have in Dahab is the art of slow eating. A long line of good to very good restaurants have low sofas or even just cushions placed on the ground.
You order, either from the fish counter or from a regular menu, and when you finish eating you simply throw yourself back in the sofas or cushions and relax. Nobody will start making faces to get you out of the place. Me and my company have spent up to 4 hours for dinner. Of course you order some more while you rest there, but these are truly friendly places.
More and more, the restaurants have started to make decorations with the place, as you can see on the third picture. Nice touch, but I couldn't help wonder if the grated carrot was for eating or not. I never found out.
Dahab, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen