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1. Slow days

2. Night coming

3. Slow eating

4. The Lagoon

5. Blue Hole

6. Ra's Abu Galum


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Goa of the Red Sea

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab, Egypt

Dahab's hippie-like image has since long become a cliche, yet it is as good as people claim. The average age of Dahab's tourists is probably around 20, but far older visitors can feel just as welcome.
Dahab is in some ways an unlikely resort: the beaches are not very good, the nearby coral reefs are since long gone. But there is a mood here which is very appealing, even if part of the easygoing attitude is thank to widespread use of cannabis. But if you don't want to use drugs, nobody will push you and nobody will mind.
The main attractions of Dahab are the unique on-the-ground restaurants, a mixture of Hippie and Bedouin styles and developed over a few decades. Large cushions and low tables are placed next to the sea, and decorated with colourful cloths. Most of these restaurants have fish stalls in front, where you pick the fish of your choice and get it prepared according to your wishes. Delicious, quite affordable, but a bit up from the price level of the average Egyptian restaurant. After finishing your food, you just lean back in the cushions and rest for as long as you wish.
While Dahab quickly runs out of daytime attractions, there are plenty of small companies offering a wide range of day trips.

By Tore Kjeilen