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1. Modern Cairo

2. The National Museum

3. al-Azhar Mosque

4. Old Cairo

5. Hanging church

6. Coptic museum

7. Coptic churches

8. The synagogue

9. Fustat

10. Mosque of Amr

11. Ibn Tulun Mosque

12. Khan el-Khalili

13. The Citadel

14. Muhammad Ali Mosque

15. Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

16. Suleyman Pasha Mosque

17. The bloody museums

18. Panorama of Cairo


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Modern Cairo

National Museum

al-Azhar mosque

Old Cairo

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Khan el-Khalili

The Citadel

Muhammad Ali Mosque

Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

Suleyman Pasha Mosque

The bloody museums

The panorama



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Panorama from the Citadel

Cairo, Egypt: Panorama from the Citadel

Even on days with normal Cairene pollution can you see the pyramids at Giza. And large parts of Cairo.

The Citadel is visible from almost everywhere in Cairo, lying over the city as a promise of adventures and medieval stories. When actually getting here, it can be quite disappointing, as its structures are crude, simple and perhaps in a little bit too good condition.
But there is one more attraction, and you will most likely have figured this out beforehand: the panoramic view. From the Citadel you can get a feel of how large, yet how little (you understand??) Cairo is. Distances that can take half an hour to cover, now seem impolitely close. Yet, as far as your eye can see, this city continues. Except behind the pyramids, where the sea of sands appear almost like a fata morgana.

Cairo, Egypt: Panorama from the Citadel

By Tore Kjeilen