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1. Modern Cairo

2. The National Museum

3. al-Azhar Mosque

4. Old Cairo

5. Hanging church

6. Coptic museum

7. Coptic churches

8. The synagogue

9. Fustat

10. Mosque of Amr

11. Ibn Tulun Mosque

12. Khan el-Khalili

13. The Citadel

14. Muhammad Ali Mosque

15. Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

16. Suleyman Pasha Mosque

17. The bloody museums

18. Panorama of Cairo


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Modern Cairo

National Museum

al-Azhar mosque

Old Cairo

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Khan el-Khalili

The Citadel

Muhammad Ali Mosque

Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

Suleyman Pasha Mosque

The bloody museums

The panorama



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The bloody museums

Cairo, Egypt: Military museum

Outdoor exhibition of weapons from Egypt's modern wars.

Cairo, Egypt: Military museum

The gun used in an assassination attempt on President Nasser.

From its appearance, the military and police museums seem uninteresting for the majority of travellers who couldn't care less about this or that weapon.
But the exhibits go far beyond a zealous lining up of guns and canons. In the Police National Museum you can get a chilling look into the most famous assassinations and murders of Egypt's history — save the murder of President Sadat in 1981. Ever heard of the female serial killers Rayya and Sakina, who murdered almost 30 young girls to get their jewellery in the early 20th century? In the room of forgery and counterfeiting you can see the death mask of an infamous Egyptian murderer.
There is less of general interest in Military Museum, but the outdoor parade of Soviet- and US-made rockets and tanks from the Arab-Israeli Wars will fascinate most. Most of us rarely get to see such items up close.
There are 3 more museums, mainly for people with special interests. The Seized Museum will be the better, including items taken from smugglers before leaving Egypt.

By Tore Kjeilen