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1. Modern Cairo

2. The National Museum

3. al-Azhar Mosque

4. Old Cairo

5. Hanging church

6. Coptic museum

7. Coptic churches

8. The synagogue

9. Fustat

10. Mosque of Amr

11. Ibn Tulun Mosque

12. Khan el-Khalili

13. The Citadel

14. Muhammad Ali Mosque

15. Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

16. Suleyman Pasha Mosque

17. The bloody museums

18. Panorama of Cairo


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Modern Cairo

National Museum

al-Azhar mosque

Old Cairo

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Khan el-Khalili

The Citadel

Muhammad Ali Mosque

Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

Suleyman Pasha Mosque

The bloody museums

The panorama



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The Citadel

The Citadel was for 700 years the strategic stronghold for Cairo, overlooking the city, and easy to defend. It was first occupied in 810 by the governor, who built his Dome of the Wind pavillion. But it was first in 1176 that Saladin turned it into a fortress, much inspired by the fortresses of Syria and Palestine, used by the armies during the Crusades.

Cairo, Egypt: The Citadel

The outer walls of the Citadel seem from the (now closed) Azab gate. The Muhammad Ali Mosque in the background.

And it was to protect Cairo from the Crusaders that made Saladin fortify the site. It was slightly more than a fortress, as two residential areas were added. One for the Janissaries and one for ordinary soldiers. A 3.5 km long aquaduct with 4 pumping stations were constructed to feed the area with water. Water was also obtained from Jacob's Well which spirals down into the ground 97 metres, to the level of the Nile.
The Citadel consists of several buildings. There are 4 mosques, of which 3 are destribed here. The most famous is the Muhammad Ali Mosque, but Sultan al-Nasir Mosque has the nicest courtyard and Suleyman Pasha Mosque the highest quality of the decorations. Cairo, Egypt: The Citadel

The back of the Citadel, here dominated by the Burg el-Muqattam, near the Gabal gate. The minaret of Mosque of Sultan al-Nasir in the back.

By Tore Kjeilen