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1. Modern Cairo

2. The National Museum

3. al-Azhar Mosque

4. Old Cairo

5. Hanging church

6. Coptic museum

7. Coptic churches

8. The synagogue

9. Fustat

10. Mosque of Amr

11. Ibn Tulun Mosque

12. Khan el-Khalili

13. The Citadel

14. Muhammad Ali Mosque

15. Sultan al-Nasir Mosque

16. Suleyman Pasha Mosque

17. The bloody museums

18. Panorama of Cairo


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Cairo, Egypt: Modern quarters

Cairo, Egypt: Modern quarters

Cairo, Egypt: Modern quarters

Modern Cairo is soon 150 years old. It was projected with Paris in mind. As Haussmann had drawn wide boulevards through the old and narrow streets of central Paris, so wanted the ruler of Egypt, Khedive Ismail. The occasion was the opening of the Suez Canal: he wanted to impress kings and politicians of Europe.
To large extent, he succeeded. Modern Cairo can remind of Paris, but due to the difference of economical strength between the two countries, many of the houses of modern Cairo is often in bad need of repair. Also, exhaust is today the most common paint in use here. Visitors should also prepare for the frequent sight of beggars.
But try to bring your focus away from the bad things: modern Cairo is delightful for anyone spending some time here. People are open and friendly, there are plenty of shops for tourists suffering from "antique fatigue", there are plenty of cafes and restaurants.
As for shopping, you could well do a bargain here. Shoes are of good to excellent quality (made in Egypt) with prices from US$10 (13) for leather shoes. Clothes are not always of the same quality, but if you look out for bad sewing you will be able to find equally good bargains. While the shoe styles are not very different from European and American styles, clothes seem to be fluffier and more coloured, or extremely conservative. It is your choice. And for many foreigners, the fact that the price tag is attached to every item (even what is put in windows) will help you avoid being overcharged. But the prices are in Arabic, so a handly little handbook showing the decipherment of these will be smart. It is really not that hard.

From Gezira island, overlooking the Nile in direction south. Roda Island, Giza to the right, Cairo proper to the left. Just in front, the the Opera House and the Gezira Sheraton Hotel.

By Tore Kjeilen