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1. Temple of Bastet

2. Cat cemetery

3. Statue of Hathor


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Statue of Hathor

Statue of Hathor, Bubastis, Egypt

The most obvious of all pieces of the Bubastis site is the statue of Hathor. You will see it even before you have passed the ticket office. It rises about 7 metres plus the platform, and I would say it is quite an impressive sight. Standing so alone, there is something Ramses 2-like over her. But in Hathor's case, Ramses 2's appearance is only 2 small statues lying on the ground in the Temple of Bastet divided into its original 3 pieces.
To the right of the ticket office is a rather pathetic park of statues. Its layout is too large for the content, but a couple of the statues are worth a closer look, and perhaps the 1 metre long Sphinx is the most appealing to most visitors.
Statue of Hathor, Bubastis, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen