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1. Temple of Bastet

2. Cat cemetery

3. Statue of Hathor


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Cat cemetery

Cat cemetery, Bubastis, Egypt

Cats and rats were buried in holes in the walls surrounding the cemetery. The animals were embalmed and wrapped thightly, something that might explain the small diametre of the holes.

Cat cemetery, Bubastis, Egypt

It is important to know what you see when you enter the cat cemetery. The tombs were mainly devoted to humans, while the walls with the holes were devoted to cats and even rats.
Egyptian cats were small then, and they actually still are. If you notice the cats in Egyptian streets, you will note that they are at least half the size of the average domestic European or American cats. That explains why the holes they were put in are so narrow. Moreover, the cats were mummified, and one of the best places to see examples of such is in the British Museum in London, EU.
Cat cemetery, Bubastis, Egypt

Human graves fill the small available space between the walls of cat and rat graves.

By Tore Kjeilen