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1. Temple of Bastet

2. Cat cemetery

3. Statue of Hathor


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Temple of Bastet

Temple of Bastet, Bubastis, Egypt

You can make out the central court of the temple in the middle of the photo. All of the stones were once part of the entire temple.

Temple of Bastet, Bubastis, Egypt

Temple of Bastet, Bubastis, Egypt

There is little to gain from a visit to the Temple of Bastet. Except from some columns, it is all an excavation half finished. Stones lie all around, they were numbered years ago, and there will probably be more years before some team start rebuilding. The eventual result can be very attractive, there is plenty of stones lying around.
A visit now, will be more a question of looking engravings, and seeing the two Ramses 2 statues lying on the ground, both in 3 pieces. The temple was noted by Herodotus for being among the most attractive in Egypt, and its size must have been around 100 metres long and 40-50 metres wide.
Temple of Bastet, Bubastis, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen