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Isolated civilization

Berenice, Egypt

Berenice, Egypt

Just up until a few years ago, Berenice could only be visited with a special permit. Today, it is developed into what will become the southernmost holiday destination on the Egyptian Red Sea coast.
As of yet, the new developments are located to the coast line north of Berenice, and many tourists coming down here never even pass through the town of Berenice.
For those with time to spend in Berenice, and built by the command of Roman emperor, Trajan, there is a Temple of Serapis from Roman times. There are more structures of from ancient Egypt, too, but unmarked and hard to understand for most visitors. Berenice also has a small Bedouin museum.
Near Berenice a few mountains offer excellent attractions for special travel experiences. The Farayid Mountain offers a very challenging climb, while the Berenice Bodkin is the largest rock needle in North Africa/Middle East.

Eat and Sleep
As of yet, there is only information about one hotel here, the complex of Lahami Bay. This is set at a very nice location about 20 km north of Berenice, therefore not at the Foul Bay to which Berenice proper belongs. The complex appears to offer a complete experience to its visitors.

Everything that you do in Berenice, you do in the hotel complexes.

There are 5 daily buses between Marsa Alam (and further north) and Shalatein, effectively the border post to Sudan (though closed for most travellers).

Going Next
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By Tore Kjeilen