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Baltim, Egypt

Baltim, Egypt

Baltim, Egypt

Baltim is a popular beach resort for Egyptians. It lies really isolated on the northernmost point of Egypt, with a nice, long stretch of beach on the Mediterranean Sea.
Being practically only for Egyptians, the place has a special feeling to it. Despite the large number of people coming here in the middle of summer, facilities are surprisingly underdeveloped. Most coming out here, bring with them all they need for their stay.
The beach is shaped like oval lagoons, with barriers keeping the ocean from eating up the sand.

Eat and Sleep
There are a handful of simple hotels in Baltim. Eating is done in simple restaurants or from roadside joints.

Up until recently, Baltim had just one connection, by shared taxis from Mansurah 75 km southeast. To and from Mansurah, there are good connections to other urban centres by buses or shared taxis.
A new coastal road has opened, connecting Baltim to Rosetta. We have no information of public transport along this route, but it is most likely open.

Going Next
200 km south: Cairo
180 km east: Port Said
255 km west: Alexandria (by Mansurah)
140 km west: Alexandria (by Rosetta)
80 km west: Rosetta

By Tore Kjeilen