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Beach holidays

El-Arish, Egypt

El-Arish, Egypt

El-Arish is almost like tourist resort that tries not be just that. The beach here is really desert dunes hitting the ocean, and they are made especially attractive with with the endless palm groves growing out the sand.
But the town of El-Arish looks like any other place in Egypt, and facilities for tourists are far from impressive. There is little that happens in town and nightlife fits conservative Muslim standards more than the need for fun for travellers.
The list of complaints doesn't stop there: Women have felt uncomfortable here, and are not recommended to go swimming alone.
Of good news, there is a Bedouin suuq every Thursday, making El-Arish very much come alive.

Eat and Sleep
Quite good on both hotels and restaurants. Hotel quality range from basic to almost luxurious. Value for money is good.
Restaurants are adequate for a couple of days, but outside the best hotel, most places are very simple in both decoration and with most ordinary food.

El-Arish, being the only sizable town in this part of Egypt, has of course all necessary connections with buses or shared taxis. Examples are 5 daily buses for Cairo, more than 12 for Ismailia. Connections to the resorts of the Gulf of Aqaba are far more sparse.
People travelling to Palestine (Gaza) or Israel, usually rely on shared taxis.

Going Next
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180 km west: Ismailia
310 km southwest: Cairo
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375 km southeast: Taba
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By Tore Kjeilen