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1. Temple of Derr

2. Tomb of Pennut


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The oldest temple of Lake Nasser

Amada, Egypt

Amada, Egypt

Amada, Egypt

Photos: Rita Willaert

The site of Amada is noted for having the oldest surviving structure on the Lake Nasser. Also it has some of the finest carvings in any Nubian temple.
The temple was began by Egyptian king, Tuthmosis 3 in the 15th century BCE, and continued to be built by his successors. The temple was dedicated to Amon-Re and Re-Herakhte.
There are two interesting inscriptions, easy to miss unless you know what to look or ask for. The first is a description of the Libyan invasion of Egypt in 1209 BCE. The second tells about the punishment sentenced upon the leaders of a rebellion in Syria in 1425 BCE.
The temple was moved from its original location 2.5 km away between 1964 and 1975.
There is an admission fee of EŁ12 for all three attractions at Amada.

By Tore Kjeilen