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1. Fishing boats

2. The undulating corniche

3. Catacombs

4. Roman Amphitheatre

5. Villa of Birds

6. Pompey's Pillar and Serapeum

7. Fort Qaitbey

8. Library of Alexandria

9. Construction of the Library

10. Graeco-Roman Museum

11. Sunken city

12. Montazah Palace Gardens

13. Coptic Cathedral

14. The mosques

15. Synagogue

16. A touch of the old world


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Synagogue, Alexandria, Egypt

The Eliyahu Ha-Navi Synagogue of Alexandria is strongly protected, defending the small Jewish community from Muslim anger. Although officially allowing tourists a walk around, it all appeared as closed when I visited in 2005. Also, photographs are not permitted by the guards. The best photo opportunity I found was from the back...

By Tore Kjeilen