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1. Fishing boats

2. The undulating corniche

3. Catacombs

4. Roman Amphitheatre

5. Villa of Birds

6. Pompey's Pillar and Serapeum

7. Fort Qaitbey

8. Library of Alexandria

9. Construction of the Library

10. Graeco-Roman Museum

11. Sunken city

12. Montazah Palace Gardens

13. Coptic Cathedral

14. The mosques

15. Synagogue

16. A touch of the old world


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Coptic Cathedral

Coptic Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt

The Coptic Cathedral of St. Mark is a rather modern structure, dating back to the early 20th century. Its design is based on Byzantine patterns. Its namegiver, Mark, was one of the Christian Apostles, whose remains was in Alexandria until 828, when it was rescued by the Venetians who built the world famous Basilica di San Marco around its new tomb.
Remains of the some of the first 47 patriarchs are buried in a chapel here.
Coptic Cathedral, Alexandria, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen