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1. Fishing boats

2. The undulating corniche

3. Catacombs

4. Roman Amphitheatre

5. Villa of Birds

6. Pompey's Pillar and Serapeum

7. Fort Qaitbey

8. Library of Alexandria

9. Construction of the Library

10. Graeco-Roman Museum

11. Sunken city

12. Montazah Palace Gardens

13. Coptic Cathedral

14. The mosques

15. Synagogue

16. A touch of the old world


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Sunken city

Sunken city outside Alexandria, Egypt

Sunken city outside Alexandria, Egypt

The sunken city is not yet part of the tourist track of Alexandria, it is still being investigated by archaeologists.
This urban area lies outside the Fort Qaitbey, covering much of the Eastern Harbour. Most of it lies at about 8 metres depth. It contains structures belonging to Ptolemaic and Roman eras. To a large extent this is the lost ancient city of Alexandria. In the area, so far one pharaonic statue and 25 sphinxes have been found, together with several statues of god and one of Cleopatra.
The sunken city is the victim of several natural catastrophes, like earthquakes and tidal waves. It was lost to the ocean some time in the 4th century CE.

By Tore Kjeilen