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The beautiful valley

Agabat, Egypt

Agabat, Egypt

Agabat, Egypt

Agabat is a small valley of unusually beautiful mountain formations. Here, the white cliffs common to the White Desert meet the dunes and the yellow limestone rocks of Sahara. Also, mountain sides here are steeper than elsewhere along the route between Bahariya and Farafra.
Up from the lowest point in the valley, there is what must have been a riverbed, lifted up by nature to a position weirdly off any place where water could be brought forth.

Agabat has no settlements, so people coming out here do it as part of an organized trip. The organizers will provide for all practicalities, unless otherwise has been agreed upon. Hotels, restaurants and tour operators are in Bahariya or Farafra.

Going Next
160 km northeast: Bahariya
50 km northeast: Black Desert
10 km west: Crystal Mountain
55 km southwest: White Desert
90 km southwest: Farafra

By Tore Kjeilen