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Abu Ghurab

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The sun temples

Abu Ghurab, Egypt

Abu Ghurab, Egypt

There were originally built two temples, both venerating Re, at Abu Ghurab.
The temple most worth the visit is the Sun Temple of Nyuserre, which is the furthest away from the pyramids of Abu Sir (where the same Nyuserre built his pyramid). The other temple, the one of Userkaf, lies almost within the pyramid area. Userkaf named his temple, "Stronghold of Re", while Nyuserre named his "Delight of Re".
The sun temples were built with the pyramid structure in mind. In the case of Nyuserre's, a 20 metre base with leaning walls stood beneath a thick obelisk 37 metres high. Much of the base still stand, the obelisk is gone. In front of this, an alabaster altar stood, and this is still there. It appears that this was on the ground, most likely used for
There are ancient documents suggesting that there should be 4 temples more, but these have never been identified.

Depending on it being reopened, a visit to Abu Ghurab is done together with a visit to the pyramids at Abu Sir. Nights are spent in Cairo, and you either join an organized tour, or hire a taxi for the day.

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By Tore Kjeilen