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Ziyadid Dynasty

Ziyadid mosque, Zabid, Yemen

Muslim dynasty ruling western Yemen from 819 until 1018. It was formed by the Abbasids to control Shi'i power in the region, but the Ziyadis would soon declare their independence.
The capital of the Ziyadis was Zabid. The Ziyadi period brought with it great prosperity, but stability was persistently challenged.

819: With the initiative of the Abbasids of Baghdad, Muhammad ibn Ziyad takes control of the Red Sea zone of Yemen.
820: Refounds the town of Zabid, making it the capital of the Ziyadis.
Late 9th century: The Banu Yafur Dynasty of San'a forces the Ziyadis to cede territory.
902: The Qarmatians take control over the Ziyadi heartland, including Zabid.
904: Abu al-Jaysh Ishaq reconquers the Ziyadi territories.
989: Zabid is conquered and burned by the tribe of Banu Yafur, and this slave-aristocracy becomes the effective rulers.
1018: The last Ziyadi ruler is murdered, and Zabid falls to the Najah Dynasty.

By Tore Kjeilen