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Byzantine Empire /
Full name: Flavius Zeno
Original name: Tarasicodissa

(Around 425-491) Byzantine emperor 474-491. The actual reigns of Zeno are 474-475 and 476-491; Basilicus ruling 475-476, a period during which Zeno did not renounce the throne.
Zeno's reputation is not good, being described as a lazy person. Yet, except from problems caused by the fights between factions in the elite, his reign was stable and the empire had economic growth.
During his reign, the struggle between the supporters of the Nicene Creed and the monophysites. His intent to solve this with the Henoticon, a document favourable to the monophysites, brought forth a 25 year long schism between the Pope in Rome and the eastern churches.
He had no children except Leo 2, who an infant.

Around 425: Born in Isauria, named Tarasicodissa.
466: Leads an army against the German troops of Aspar, at the request of Emperor Leo 1.
468: Marries Ariadne, daughter of Emperor Leo 1. The marriage brings one son, Leo 2.
469: Appointed consul and master of the soldiers.
— Expels the Vandals from Epirus (modern Albania).
474 January 18: Zeno's young son, Leo, becomes emperor.
November 17: Leo dies, Zeno becomes new emperor, but discovers soon that he is resented for his background.
475 January: Illius, Zeno's advsior, attempts a coup against him together with Basilicus. Zeno is forced to flee to Antioch.
476 August: Illius returns to Zeno's party, and Zeno seeks aid from the Ostrogoth chief, Theodoric, allowing him to return to Constantinople.
September: In the west, chieftain of the Heruli, Odoacer, deposes Emperor Romulus Augustus; Zeno having regained the throne is unable to intervene. With this the Western Roman Empire ended.
— Forges a lasting peace with the Vandals.
478: New revolt by Marcian of the royal family together with Ostrogoth chief, Theodoric Strabo. Again, Illius crushes it, securing Zeno's position.
482: Publishes the Henoticon, aiming at reconciling the differing views of the nature of Christ.
484: Illius rebels against Zeno a second time.
— The Henoticon is rejected by Pope Felix 2 (in Rome), causing a schism between Constantinople and Rome. It would not be mended until 35 years later.
488: Illius is captured and beheaded.
489: Manages to make the Ostrogoths leave his realm, by making their Theodoric king of Italy.
491 April 9: Dies, and Ariadne selects Anastasius to succeed as emperor.

By Tore Kjeilen