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Tripoli, Countship of

Krak des Chevaliers, stronghold of the Countship of Tripoli. Now in Syria.
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Krak des Chevaliers, stronghold of the Countship of Tripoli. Now in Syria.

Raymond 1 Count of Toulouse 1103-1105
William-Jordan 1105-1109
Bertrand 1109-1112
Pons 1112-1137
Raymond 2 1137-1152
Raymond 3 1152-1187
Bohemond 4 of Antioch 1187-1233

One of 4 Christian Crusader states in the Middle East. Tripoli lasted 1103-1233, 130 years, in the region of Tripoli and Tartus, corresponding to modern northern Lebanon and southern Syrian coast.
Tripoli was by far the smallest of the Crusader states, serving as vassal state under Jerusalem. The most important cities in the countship were Tartosa (Tartus, Syria) and Tripoli. In the countship was the most impressive of all Crusader fortresses, the Krak des Chevalier.
For general treatment on the organizational structure and economy of Crusader states, see Christian Crusader states.

1102: Count Raymond 4 of Toulouse (France) begins a war on the Banu Ammar Emirs of Tripoli, gradually conquering most of their territory until he has them besieged within Tripoli itself.
1103: Raymond takes control of Tripoli.
1105: Raymond dies, leaving his cousin, William-Jordan, in charge. Raymond's son, Alfonso-Jordan, was still only an infant.
1109: Bertrand, an illegitimate son of Raymond, arrives in Tripoli, while Alfonso-Jordan returns to France.
1142: The Knights Hospitaller are given the site and permission to construct the castle that would be the Krak des Chevaliers.
1152: Count Raymod 3 becomes ruler of Tripoli, and would also act as regent for Jerusalem during the infancies of two of its kings for together 5 years.
1180's: Attacks launched by Saladin on the Crusader states; Tripoli manages to survive this.
1201: Tripoli enters into a personal union with the Crusader state to the north, Antioch, which would last for 67 years, only with the exception of 1216-1219.
1268: Antioch is conquered by the Mamluks of Egypt, but Tripoli survives.
1289: Tripoili is conquered by the Mamluk Sultan Qala'un, in an alliance with Venice (Italy).
— The Lordship of Gibelet survives as Christian territory, as a vassal under the Mamluks.

By Tore Kjeilen