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Byzantine Empire /
Tiberius 3

(?-705) Byzantine emperor 698-705.
Tiberius made the decision not the try to regain Carthage, which had been lost in the campaign the same year he became emperor. Instead he focused on the Levant, winning several victories in Syria.

630-665: Year of birth cannot be set. His original name was Apsimaros, and he was of Germanic origin.
697: Byzantine troops are forced out of Carthage by Arab Muslims. Fearing the revenge of Emperor Leontius, the Byzantine troops sack their commander and choses Apsimaros instead.
698: Following a siege of Constantinople, Apsimaros' forces are able to depose Leontius, then he makes himself new emperor with the name Tiberius.
701: Wins important victories against the Arab Muslims in Syria.
703: Defends the empire against Arab Muslim attack on Cilicia.
703: Again, defends the empire against Arab Muslim attack on Cilicia.
705: Former emperor, Justinian 2, deposed in 695 returns to Constantinople with the aid of the Bulgars. After short fighting, he takes control of the capital. Tiberius is arrested and executed.

By Tore Kjeilen