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Byzantine Empire /
Tiberius 2 Constantinus

(Around 540-582) Byzantine emperor 578-582, effective ruler since 574 under Justin 1.
Tiberius is noted for defending the empire against both the Persians, but he lost many battles against the Slavs and Avars in the northwest.

Around 540: Born in Thrace.
After 565: Tiberius serves in campaigns against the Avars in the Balkans under Justin 2.
574: Justin 2 starts to show signs of insanity, and Empress Sophia and Tiberius takes effective control of the political administration.
December 7: Tiberias obtains the position as co-emperor, and is even declared adopted son of Justin 2. Tiberius begins increases the budgets to obtain popular support.
Late 570's: Defeats the Persians in the territory of Armenia.
578 September 26 Emperor Justin 1 dies, and Tiberius 2 secures that nothing interferes with his accession to sole ruler.
579: New Persian king, Hormizd 4, takes up arms against the Byzantine Empire, attacking the territory of Armenia.
— Makes peace with the Visigoths in Spain.
— Defeats the Berbers in North Africa.
582: Is forced to accept peace with the Avars in which he surrenders the territory of Sirmium.
August 13: Mortally ill, Tiberius appoints his trusted commander, Maurice, successor, and has him crowned.
August 14: Dies, possibly murdered.

By Tore Kjeilen