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Byzantine Empire /
Theodosius 2
Full name: Flavius Theodosius

(401-450) Byzantine emperor 408-450.
Theodosius was, as his father, Arcadius, a weak ruler. He proved unable to exercise his influence, and much of the politics were in the hands of his relatives and ministers. His sister, Pulcheria, was of great influence, having herself crowned empress when he was 13 years old.
This period was one of many wars, with heavy military challenges on all fronts. Yet, the integrity of most of its borders was upheld. The empire was unable to defeat the Vandals in North Africa, defeated a Sassanid Persian invasion. The Huns under the leadership of Attila were the only ones successfully intruding on imperial territory, forcing the Byzantines to pay heavy tribute.
Fights over Christian doctrines continued during his reign. Thedosius appointed Nestorius Patriarch of Constantinople, which caused much anger among other Christian leaders. He would be removed after only 3 years.
Influenced by Pulcheria, Theodosius oversaw several actions against Jews, including the destruction of many synagogues.

401 April 10: Born in Constantinople, as son of Emperor Arcadius and Aelia Eudoxia.
402: While only being 1 year old, he is made co-emperor.
408 May 1: Arcadius dies, and 7 year old Theodosius becomes emperor. Anthemius, his father's strongest advisor, and effective ruler continues his mission under Theodosius.
413: Anthemius starts building extensive city walls around Constantinople.
414: Anthemius is removed, as Pulcheria, sister of the emperor, becomes empress and takes control as regent.
421: Marries a poet, Aelia Eudocia.
422: Defeats the invasion of the Sassanid Persians.
425: Sees to the establishment of the University of Constantinople.
428: Theodosius appoints Nestorius Patriarch of Constantinople.
431: A church council removes Nestorius from his position.
430's?: Launches an unsuccessful campaign against the Vandals in North Africa.
438: Publishes a revised law system, known as Codex Theodosianus.
447: Defeats the invasion of the Sassanian Persians.
450 July 28: Dies from injuries in a hunting accident. He is succeeded by Marcian, who formally married Pulcheria.

By Tore Kjeilen